The Magic of the Cauldron

Olives on Wood Background
Bath Salts and Soap

What's Bubbling Away ......

Made in our soap kitchen in Derbyshire.

Using only natural ingredients, each ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the best possible results.

Our soaps and body products contain luxurious butters, coconut oil and other base oils and essential oils to help moisturise, exfoliate and enrich skin.

We use no synthetic ingredients. Our products are all Paraben and SLS free.

None of our products are tested on animals and are Palm Oil free.


So why The Bubbling Cauldron?

Perhaps because it feels a little like you're performing a spell when creating a recipe.

With pinches of this adding bits of that and experimenting with new 'flavours', it feels like cooking up a potion

Or maybe we just enjoy a bit of fun and are indulging our Gothic side!

As a family we try to be as self-sustaining as possible, using handmade where ever possible, with emphasis on removing as many chemicals and artificial ingredients from our day to day life as feasible.


Finding that more and more shop bought products were drying out my skin and causing it to become sore and  itchy, I started looking for other alternatives.

Having bought handmade soap from a local farmers market I was thrilled to discover how it improved my skin and left it less dry and itchy.

This began my interest in how could I achieve this myself. So I began playing with ingredients and recipes until I found the consistency, textures and results I wanted.

Family and friends became interested in what I was doing and willing testers of my products.

So I now look forward to sharing my products with a wider audience.

More products will be added as  recipes are finalised and tested and we always welcome ideas for new 'flavours'.

If you're interested in stocking our products please contact us for more information.